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The Fellowship of art activists

During the first Covid-19 lockdown he roamed the streets of Amsterdam at night. Leaving his mark and urging people to stay at home. As an artist and an activist in spirit, he now boosts his network to activism and emerged like a real wizard of the Fellowship.

Peim van der Sloot gallery exposition De Bouwput
‘Free your Mind’ at exhibition curated by Patty Morgan Gallery
The artist and activist

Peim van der Sloot is a visual artist based in the Netherlands. He spent his childhood in Argentina, came back to the Netherlands and graduated in 2010 from HKU Art Academy in Utrecht. His work spreads from visual arts, through illustration and design. He developed a very characteristic style through a range of graphic techniques, including sticker-collages and silkscreen.

During the lockdown it was hard being locked up and getting an income, as it was for many other artists. Peim meanwhile used his activism to grew a large following on his instagram and he connected with other artists to create content. He made sure to support people and organisations where it was necessary.

‘While outside the Covid-19 pandemic was raging, something inside of me changed and I decided to adjust many things in the way I live and work. We have many challenges ahead of us, I know we are all pretty much ‘Corona-tired’, but I think it is very important to not fall back in our old patterns. Any little step in this new direction helps.’

Peim 2020
The Art Manifesto of Solidarity

After being around 4 weeks in quarantine he took on his new lifestyle of a ‘Wizard’, and wrote The Art Manifesto of Solidarity. The manifest functions as a guide to everything he does as an artist. Originally it was posted as a video on Instagram. The text is based on everything of importance he found in his room and that he had collected over the years.

Artist Peim van der Sloot with his Art Manifesto for Solidarity
Artist and activist Peim van der Sloot with his Art Manifesto of Solidarty

Inspiration for the text and the video came from the Provo Movement in the 60’s in Amsterdam, the Zapatista movement in Southern Mexico, the anarchist, punk and art community around him and a very divers variety of artists and bands.
In this time of
quarantine he also turned to his love for Lord of the Ring stories and created his own Fellowship. Next to all the people he inspired with his stories he also made a page on Patreon.

The Fellowship

The concept behind his Patreon page is simple: the more The Fellowship grows, the more he is able to invest his time in projects that are beneficial to communities as well as nature. The proceeds will keep him fighting the injustices in this world, with the weapons he possess: art & design.

That is his idea of the Fellowship. You can support him and he will be sharing his process, videos, easter eggs, funky rewards, and new activist designs & campaigns with you.

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