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We have a vision

Our society is undergoing a bit of a breakdown. We are going at the speed of light towards the future, in a world in which nothing seems certain anymore. Some are scared and others are negative about that future but change is inevitable. What future would you like to see? Let’s work together towards a positive outcome!

Influence life

CultCabinet believes that art and design have a big influence on a positive view of the future. Technology provides the material to work with and philosophy puts it all in perspective and creates a context of values.

Ideology, socialism, progress, and facts seem like awful words nowadays. Climate change and the Covid pandemic have fueled the resentment against these principles and views. Instead, we see growing nationalist and autocratic tendencies all over the world. CultCabinet wants to show that standards based on social coherence are important to the future and that they bring value to our lives and our world.

“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

African proverb
Go together

All this together forms an environment in which ideas can grow into a valuable culture. A culture in which no one is excluded and equality is normalized, in which a society can be formed based on individual needs by taking care of each other, where capital is used to create a standard of living in which poverty doesn’t exist, where we take care of all living creatures and our beautiful planet. A world in which creativity is the standard of living, instead of wealth and status.

Idealistic? It sure is!

Building a platform

We want to provide you with different views. A platform with visions from the margin, sometimes disruptive but mostly idealistic. We want to present a diverse collection of visual and written inspiration to keep you up-to-date and give you lots of ideas to make your own contribution count.

The world needs more storytellers, dreamers, change makers & action takers


A base where designers, thinkers, creators, and organizations with similar standards on what our future world should look like, are united. Where they connect with a diverse public who is open to manifold views and who put faith in the ability to create.

We are always looking for work by artists and designers but also exhibitions, articles, books, research papers, etc.

We want to share all content that depicts your view on the future.

Do you want your work displayed on our blog or social media? Do you have tips on what to read or what to see? Do you have an event planned? Please unite and build this platform with us!

Consider your contribution as sponsoring for our effort to create a positive future. Be part of that future!

Join in!

be part of creating this valuable future

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